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Awesome product

I love the planters they will be so cute on the porch this summer!

Sprout Railing Planter - 10 Pack

These are fun!

I am pleased with these. They snap into balcony railings really easily and stay put!

Awesome planters

I am very happy with the planters. Easy to install. They withstood thesevere storm we had yesterday. I was going to order more planters because they look so nice. However, ina week, the price went up and I could not afford them at this time.

Thanks so much for the 5 Star review!! I am concerned that there has been some confusion about the prices. The prices haven't changed since you first ordered. If you have any more questions you can reach us at Thanks

Sprout planters are great

So cute & easy to use!

It is perfect to add a pop of color to a railing!

Love these

Love these planters! Plan to order more!

Great little planters!

I love my little planters for my deck railing. They work great and fasten just like described. I am using them for growing herbs so I hope they are big enough to be used for that purpose. They are pretty tiny but I don’t need large plants. So clever!!

Delightful, fun & easy to use!

These are neat little things that work really well.

Perfect for my little balcony!

I wanted to add a bit of privacy to my balcony, so I bought 10 Sprout planters. Easy to install, and they allowed me to add my plants without sacrificing valuable floor space. (Only eight in the picture, as I ran out of plants. Will install the last two soon).

Perfect for my tiny balcony!

Love these little planters so much! They were easy to install on the railings, and the plant bags made planting super simple. They fit small plants (i.e. one section of a flat). They are hanging 3 stories up, and brighten up my tiny balcony where space is at a premium!

very easy to install. quite small


What a clever and simply idea to beautify railings . Super easy to place . Will get more .


This was a gift for my daughter..she is absolutely THRILLED with them...I've introduced this to SO many people since she was so happy with them...they are BETTER Than & easier than the vid shows


Great planters! I love how it turned out and will dedicate order more as needed! Thank you!

Wonderful planters!

I love my sprout planters! It adds so much more color to my patio. It brings a very modern and unique look. I love that I can switch the flowers to match the season. The installation was super easy and they fit just perfect! I am so happy I found them.
Thank you.

Fits Perfectly!

These made planting easy. I transplanted my flowers to the liner and they fit perfectly in the planter. I was also able to rearrange until I was satisfied.

Love Them!

These planters are wonderful. Moved from a house to a condo. The only thing I missed was my flower gardens. Now I can enjoy my plants again with the help of these great little planters. I will most likely be buying more. My husband was a little surprised at what I spent, but I knew it would be worth it. Now he's on board, after seeing how nice they make our balcony look, and wants to order more. You will not be disappointed. Buy them in bulk ;)

Great Idea!

I live in an apartment that won’t allow putting in hooks or hanging things over the balcony railing, so when I found this planter I was thrilled! I got a pack of 3 to try out first with a plan to fill all 20+ rails later on if all went well. I had measured the space between each railing to be sure so I knew they would fit. Shipping was quick and I immediately went to install them; however, I was unable to get the backs to push out flat. My rails are as deep set as the planter and I was unable to pop out and secure the back as a result. This of course bummed me out but I kept trying different rail spacing since they all weren’t the exact same and eventually I got all three in spots that there are knots/shaved down spots in the rail (see picture). Thrilled that they are installed and awesome adds! Unfortunately I won’t be getting anymore at this time since there aren’t any more knots/dips in the rails where they could be fully extended and locked in place to fit. But love the product and the ones I have!

Eden Praire

Sprout planter works great. We were just a little surprised how small it is.

Irregular Railing Design

Not all of our railing's spaces are precise, therefore, an extra thick pad or two would help with to a 1/4 inch variance on either or both sides..

I'll be getting more

I love them. I have not yet set up my deck ( it is still snowing) but these are perfect. I will be ordering another set.


Thank you - decorating the stairs was FUN this year!

Baby Planters

Cute design and great customer service!

Excellent product

I have been searching diligently for a product that I could use on my small balcony. HOA restricts anything that hangs over the balcony. These planters are ideal as they are between the railings. Perfect for my space! Shipping was swift. Great customer support. I ordered a custom color pack of 10.

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