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Great for spoiled little dogs who want to be involved in everything

I have a frenchie who loves sniffing new things, so of course I had to figure out a way to get my dog-safe balcony plants down to her height level. These little planters are the perfect solution! Now we both get to enjoy our little herb garden in the sky. :) Thanks Sprout!

Love these!

What a great product for balcony gardeners

Creative Improvement

I’m very happy with these. While expensive, they’re a unique way to add color and dimension to your balcony. It’s windy where I am so I’m still experimenting with what flowers can handle that but the planters sit firmly in there and look great.

Great product

This was a good idea but needs some upgrades. The little white pads should match the color of your planter. A few of my pads fell off and I had to glue them back on with a better glue. Other then that I love them. We live in a condo and I miss my garden so this makes the condo feel like home!

Everyone loves my Sprout Planters, and so do I!

Adorable little railing planters, that don’t block your view!

So Stinkin' Cute!!

My sister sent me a set of 10 for my birthday and I am over the moon! They look like they are custom made to match my white vinyl railing and I just can't believe how cute they are. The design is so clever, easy to install, and super fun to look at!


Couldn’t be more pleased with my sprout planters. They add so much beauty to my balcony!

Awesome invention

I just put them up and went up easily. I planted from seeds so I’ll have to see how it grows. Very cool invention. Love them on my pool railing. The blue color pops.

Super easy and quick way to add beauty and privacy

Super easy and quick way to add beauty and privacy to your deck railing.

Nice addition to deck

These little planters add a nice visual touch to our deck railing without taking up any floor space. I planted moss roses in them because they stay smaller and are heat resistant.


Easy to install and I live the way the look.

These are very pretty.

Loved railing planters.

Very easy to place on my railings on my balcony which are 3 1/2 inches apart . So easy to install my plants. Looks great

I ordered one planter as a sample to make sure that I liked it. I was charged for it before it arrived. I called the company and waited two more weeks for its arrival and then loved it so much I ordered a set of 10 . that order came promptly, and then ordered more of the inserts because I was thinking if I have to change the plantings, I need more of the little bags. This came postage due to the tune of $3.60 . while the planters are great. I’m not sure what’s going on with the company.

Hi Margaret,
As I said in our private message. I have refunded your entire Liner order. I am very sorry that this happened. We buy all of our postage on our account and any additional charges for mislabeled postage are suppose to be charged to our account. Thanks for your understanding and being a wonderful customer.
Jordon - Sprout Planter

Awesome product

I love the planters they will be so cute on the porch this summer!

Sprout Railing Planter - 10 Pack

These are fun!

I am pleased with these. They snap into balcony railings really easily and stay put!

Awesome planters

I am very happy with the planters. Easy to install. They withstood thesevere storm we had yesterday. I was going to order more planters because they look so nice. However, ina week, the price went up and I could not afford them at this time.

Thanks so much for the 5 Star review!! I am concerned that there has been some confusion about the prices. The prices haven't changed since you first ordered. If you have any more questions you can reach us at Thanks

Sprout planters are great

So cute & easy to use!

It is perfect to add a pop of color to a railing!

Love these

Love these planters! Plan to order more!

Great little planters!

I love my little planters for my deck railing. They work great and fasten just like described. I am using them for growing herbs so I hope they are big enough to be used for that purpose. They are pretty tiny but I don’t need large plants. So clever!!

Delightful, fun & easy to use!

These are neat little things that work really well.

Perfect for my little balcony!

I wanted to add a bit of privacy to my balcony, so I bought 10 Sprout planters. Easy to install, and they allowed me to add my plants without sacrificing valuable floor space. (Only eight in the picture, as I ran out of plants. Will install the last two soon).

Perfect for my tiny balcony!

Love these little planters so much! They were easy to install on the railings, and the plant bags made planting super simple. They fit small plants (i.e. one section of a flat). They are hanging 3 stories up, and brighten up my tiny balcony where space is at a premium!

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