Plant, Transplant & Rearrange!

Each Sprout Planter comes with a custom-fit liner designed to maximize the soil volume for each planter. Sprout's custom-fit liner makes planting a breeze. Prepping for a storm or cleaning up at the end of the season? Simply pull the liner & bring your plants inside to safety.

Get Sprout for Your Railing!

To plant with the Sprout Railing Planter, all you need is soil & our Custom-Fit Liners which come included with every purchase.

Transplanting from Nursery Pots

  1. Open the Custom-Fit Liner
  2. Add some Nutrient-Dense Soil Liner
  3. Remove plant from nursery pot & place in Liner
  4. Fill soil around edges as needed.
  5. Liner is ready to be place into the Sprout Railing Planter!

Planting from Seed

Many people like to plant seeds inside seed-starter trays, and that's totally cool! Just transpant your sprouts into your custom-fit liner when they're ready. If you wanna seed your Sprout Planters directly, that totally works too! Fill your liner with good, rich soil & plant your seed to the recommended depth and place into the Sprout Railing Planter on your balcony! Keep up on watering and give 'em some time, you'll have a small balcony garden growing before you know it :)

Look, I know how to plant a seed... But how on earth do I actually install the Sprout Planter on my balcony railing?

Great question! Click below for our "Installing Sprout" page!

Custom Fit Soil Liner for use in Sprout Railing Planter

Need more liners?

Each Sprout Railing Planter ships with a custom-fit liner, but you can add additional liners to your order as well! As the seasons change and/or you gear up for new planting seasons, you can always order more as you go right here from the online store!

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