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Sprout Planter - Custom Fit Liners

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Our Custom fit Liners maximize the soil volume inside of the Sprout Planter and make planting and clean up super easy.  

The Custom fit Liners are breathable and allow for drainage.  

The liners are biodegradable and intended for a single season's use.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
B Wise
Love these!

What a great product for balcony gardeners

Debbie Mayer
Great product

This was a good idea but needs some upgrades. The little white pads should match the color of your planter. A few of my pads fell off and I had to glue them back on with a better glue. Other then that I love them. We live in a condo and I miss my garden so this makes the condo feel like home!

Janice France
Everyone loves my Sprout Planters, and so do I!

Adorable little railing planters, that don’t block your view!

Sally Decheine

Couldn’t be more pleased with my sprout planters. They add so much beauty to my balcony!

Robert Brickzin
Nice addition to deck

These little planters add a nice visual touch to our deck railing without taking up any floor space. I planted moss roses in them because they stay smaller and are heat resistant.

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