Will Sprout Planters fit my Balcony?

Sprout Planters are designed to fit balcony railing systems that conform with the U.S. Building Code standard introduced in 1991. Sprout is inserted between the vertical balusters on a railing and will fit railing balusters that are spaced as narrow as 3 1/2" and as wide as 4" (which the maximum allowable baluster spacing). All you need in order to determine if Sprout will fit your railing is a tape-measure or a ruler: Measure the spacing between your balusters - if they are spaced between 3 1/2" and 4" Sprout Planter will fit! Sprout Planters will work on a variety of railing materials & baluster styles: wood, metal, round, square, twisted, etc.

Will Sprout Planters work on a Wood Railing?

Yes! Sprout Planters work on a variety of railing types - all that matters is that the railing baluster are spaced between 3 1/2" and 4" apart according to the "4 Inch Rule" used in the US Building Code.

Okay, so what is the "4 Inch Rule?"

In 1991, U.S. Building Code standardized the maximum allowable distance between balusters to be 4 inches. Inspectors, when tasked with code-compliance on buildings, will usually carry around a 4" diameter ball and will try to push it through a railing - if it CANNOT fit, the railing is in compliance. We designed Sprout around this almost 20 year-old standard in order to ensure it worked with as many railing systems as possible!

Do Sprout Railing Planters allow for Drainage?

Yes! The baseplate of the Sprout Planter has openings to allow water to drain from the bottom. Each Sprout Planter comes with a Custom-Fit Liner which keeps the plant & soil contained and allows for water to pass through!

Where can I buy these?

At this time, Sprout Planters are exclusively available from this online store. Sprout Planters are Manufactured and Assembled in the USA and ship from our warehouse facility in Minneapolis, MN.

I need more custom-fit liners - can I purchase these separately?

Yes, you can. Each planter comes with a liner but you can always add more liners to your cart when you checkout or purchase them separately down the line. Click Here To View Liners

How much weight can these hold?

Well, you definitely can't plant a full grown Sugar Maple in these, but they can accommodate just about any house plant/herb that would be happy in a small, 3 1/2"  x 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" bed.

What tools will I need to install a Sprout Planter?

Absolutely none. Installing sprout is a breeze - all you have to do is insert the planter between balusters, expand the back & click the base plate into position. Sprout's Patented (US Patent No. 11,458,682) design is self-affixing to the railing - no tools required! Not convinced?Click to Watch a Quick Installation Video.


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