Create the Space

Sprout is the Perfect Railing Planter for Apartments & Condos with Small Balconies. Why? Because is takes up ZERO of your precious usable space!

Brown Sprout Railing Planters with Purple annd Red Flowers on Small Balcony

Unlike an over-the-rail railing planter, Sprout secures itself BETWEEN the balusters of your railing and extends outward.

With Sprout Railing Planters, your balcony garden won't interfere with the limited space you have!

Graphic Showing how Sprout Railing Planters Extend Out From Railing to Keep Walkway Clear on Small Balcony Spaces

“Love my little sprouts! Perfect for my small porch.”

- Elizabeth E. | White Salmon, Washington

Your Very Own Balcony Herb Garden

Nothing beats fresh balcony basil. With Sprout Planters on your balcony railing, you can grow herbs, spices, mix-ins for cocktails... The possibilities are endless!

Basil Plant being Watered in a Sprout Railing Planter on a Small Patio

A Great Way to Decorate your Balcony

When looking for small balcony decor, you shouldn't have to choose between space and style. Balcony gardens are great, and with Sprout Planter you can keep your walkway clear and not interfere with other patio furniture, BBQ grills, etc..

Close Up of Sprout Railing Planter in Multiple Colors on Balcony Railing

Multiple Color Options Available!

Sprout Planters come in five colors and are sold in packs of one, three, five or 10.

Privacy makes... Perfect!

Adding Sprout Planters to your balcony railing actually goes pretty far to add privacy to your space!

Illustration of a People Enjoying Privacy on their Small Balcony with Sprout Railing Planters Installed

Beautify Your Small Balcony with Sprout Planter!

Sprout Planters are designed to fit all US Building Code Standard Railing Systems since 1991. If the vertical ballusters of your railing are spaced between 3.5 & 4 inches apart, Sprout will securely fit and requires NO TOOLS to install, it just clicks into place with a Patented (US Patent No. 11,458,682) design that makes it totally one-of-a-kind! Learn more about How to Install Sprout Planter or Explore Colors & Options!

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