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Sprout Railing Planter - 5 Pack

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Introducing Sprout Planter – The Patented railing planter that is redefining balcony gardening! (US Patent No. 11,458,682) Sprout Planter is a customizable vertical gardening system that allows you to create your own dream balcony garden.
Will Sprout Planter Work with my Railing? - Sprout Planters will safely secure on railings with vertical balusters spaced between 3 1/2" & 4" apart.  Sprout fits just about any type of baluster: Wood, Iron, Round, Twisted etc. Measure the spacing of your baluster to make sure they'll fit.  US Building code states that the maximum allowable space between balusters (since 1991) is 4 Inches.  

Easy Installation -No Tools Required! Sprout’s Patented (US Patent No. 11,458,682) design makes installation easy, simply insert the planter between the balusters of your balcony at your desired height, expand the back, lock the bottom into place & you're ready to plant!

Planting with Sprout - Each Sprout Planter comes with a custom-fit liner designed to maximize the soil volume for each planter. Sprout's custom-fit liner makes planting a breeze. Prepping for a storm or cleaning up at the end of the season? Simply pull the liner & bring your plants inside to safety.  Sprout Planter and the custom-fit liner allow for drainage.  
Made in the USA with UV Protected Polypropylene - We take pride in manufacturing Sprout Planter in the USA, using durable and long-lasting UV protected polypropylene. This ensures that your Sprout Planter will withstand the harsh outdoor elements and last for many seasons to come.


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Customer Reviews

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Great for spoiled little dogs who want to be involved in everything

I have a frenchie who loves sniffing new things, so of course I had to figure out a way to get my dog-safe balcony plants down to her height level. These little planters are the perfect solution! Now we both get to enjoy our little herb garden in the sky. :) Thanks Sprout!

David Nichols
Creative Improvement

I’m very happy with these. While expensive, they’re a unique way to add color and dimension to your balcony. It’s windy where I am so I’m still experimenting with what flowers can handle that but the planters sit firmly in there and look great.

So Stinkin' Cute!!

My sister sent me a set of 10 for my birthday and I am over the moon! They look like they are custom made to match my white vinyl railing and I just can't believe how cute they are. The design is so clever, easy to install, and super fun to look at!

Jennifer Fullerton
Awesome invention

I just put them up and went up easily. I planted from seeds so I’ll have to see how it grows. Very cool invention. Love them on my pool railing. The blue color pops.

Leonard Jackson
Super easy and quick way to add beauty and privacy

Super easy and quick way to add beauty and privacy to your deck railing.

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