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The Sprout Railing Planter

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Each planter includes a custom-fit liner. Need more? Click here

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Sprout's Patent-Pending design makes for easy installation & happy plants. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
James S
Love Them!

These planters are wonderful. Moved from a house to a condo. The only thing I missed was my flower gardens. Now I can enjoy my plants again with the help of these great little planters. I will most likely be buying more. My husband was a little surprised at what I spent, but I knew it would be worth it. Now he's on board, after seeing how nice they make our balcony look, and wants to order more. You will not be disappointed. Buy them in bulk ;)

Hannah H.
Great Idea!

I live in an apartment that won’t allow putting in hooks or hanging things over the balcony railing, so when I found this planter I was thrilled! I got a pack of 3 to try out first with a plan to fill all 20+ rails later on if all went well. I had measured the space between each railing to be sure so I knew they would fit. Shipping was quick and I immediately went to install them; however, I was unable to get the backs to push out flat. My rails are as deep set as the planter and I was unable to pop out and secure the back as a result. This of course bummed me out but I kept trying different rail spacing since they all weren’t the exact same and eventually I got all three in spots that there are knots/shaved down spots in the rail (see picture). Thrilled that they are installed and awesome adds! Unfortunately I won’t be getting anymore at this time since there aren’t any more knots/dips in the rails where they could be fully extended and locked in place to fit. But love the product and the ones I have!

Gary Sornsen
Eden Praire

Sprout planter works great. We were just a little surprised how small it is.

Richard Shorten
Irregular Railing Design

Not all of our railing's spaces are precise, therefore, an extra thick pad or two would help with to a 1/4 inch variance on either or both sides..

Leah Emerson
I'll be getting more

I love them. I have not yet set up my deck ( it is still snowing) but these are perfect. I will be ordering another set.