We've Temporarily Sold Out of our WHITE Railing Planters!

Wow, it has been quite a year! As many of you know, Sprout Planters were introduced to the world just this past spring in 2020. We had an amazing turn-out at the Twin Cities Home & Garden Show and had big plans to be at home & garden tradeshows across the country through the Spring, Summer & Fall with the hope to introduce our invention to people across the country!

AAAAAAAND then there was COVID. Just about every tradeshow was cancelled, and we had to drastically change course! Nothing like launching a business amidst a global pandemic!

Despite the cancellation of every major Home & Garden tradeshow in the United States, we have still managed to get the word out about our Railing Planters and have managed to sell out completely of our White Sprout Planters.

If you're here and looking to purchase Sprout Railing Planters for your small balcony/patio garden and prefer the WHITE colorway, please Contact Us and/or subscribe to our email newsletter (at the bottom of the site). We'll put you on our list for when we send out a notification that we have WHITE Railing Planters back in stock!

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