Railing Planters Reimagined

Sprout Planter's Patent-Pending Design is an Urban Gardening Revolution.

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Sprout Planter uses patent pending technology to be the first railing planter to secure itself between the vertical balusters of the railing you already have. Regardless of whether you live on the first floor or the twentieth, Sprout Planter safely and easily secures itself to your railing. Sprout Planter is an urban gardening revolution. Sprout is the perfect railing planter for balconies with limited space, making it possible for you to enjoy your balcony AND have a garden without compromising either.

Made Local!

Sprout is manufactured & assembled in Minnesota, USA.

One of a Kind!

Sprout's patent pending, self-affixing design holds it in place between the vertical balusters of your railing.


Sprout's plastic is made from 100% recycled material!

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